We often receive communications from customers regarding their satisfaction with our products.  Here are just a few.


BETTER than sliced bread

I’ll say it again, this system is BETTER than sliced bread… Many thanks!   – Jeff F, July 19, 2016, via email


Hats Off to Genesis Reef Systems!

I recently purchased the Genesis Renew/Storm Pro system to completely automate my ATO, water change & storage water systems and Kevin at Genesis has been very responsive & helpful in getting me up and running. After turning on the Renew system tonight to do the first water change I experienced a problem which I couldn’t resolve so I sent Kevin another e-mail expecting to discuss it tomorrow during normal business hours. However, I get an almost immediate e-mail response from him and he asks me to call him to discuss, which we do which leads to determining what I’m 99.9% sure was the problem and the solution … which I’ll fix tomorrow. Hats off to him and the entire company …. they make a great product with outstanding ‘service after the sale’ … Buy with confidence from them ….   – MarlinHooker, March 6, 2016, via Reef Central


Awesome system!

I have had my system set up now for a month and doing 12 gallons per day on a 600 gallon system and I love it! Awesome system!  – pciscott, November 18, 2015, via Reef Central




It is everything I expected it to be.  You have no idea (actually, you probably do) of  what a time saver this is!  Excellent system my friend (I wish I’d have thought of it)…  – Jeff F., September 28, 2015, via email


Top-Notch Customer Service

I can’t stress enough how great your customer service is.  I realize that this item is on the higher end for cost, but you make up for it with top-notch customer service; it does not go unnoticed.  Unlike most companies who find excuses to create more purchases, you are a great example how a business should treat their customer base.  This hobby is really based on customer loyalty!  – Josh M., October 19, 2014, via email


Awesome Product.  T-Shirts?

Hi, just wanted to say thanks, I have had your system for 2 or 3 years now and everything is working great. awesome product.  also was wondering if you guys have any t-shirts. thanks, mike    – Mike K, September 23, 2014, via email


Much gratitude

This thing is GREAT!!! I am blown away.    – mrlimpitfish, March 10, 2014, via Reef Central


I only wish I would have done this sooner!

I got my system a few hrs ago. Very nice packaging and looks like high quality material. I can’t wait to mount this thing and really start to see my water quality get better and better  – Jim, March 6, 2014, via Reef Central PM

… and a follow up on March 10, 2014:

I just got everything working this morning and the system works great! This has to be by far one of the most important additions to my system so far! I only wish I would have done this sooner!


Thanks for the great customer service!

That is a crazy fast delivery. I got my Renew system today. Ordered it yesterday morning, shipped and already arrived by 11am to my door. Thanks for the great customer service!    – zenom, March 5, 2014, via Reef Central

… and a follow up on March 18, 2014

I don’t think there is a better way to do a water change.


Makes the hobby more enjoyable!

Love the system! Makes the hobby more enjoyable!    – Neokane, March 2, 2014, via Reef Central


one of the best investments made on my 350

I just installed the Genesis Renew Pro this week. I was telling the local reefers that it was one of the best investment made on my 350 gallon system. Auto water change everyday without me lifting a finger. More time to enjoy your tank and less time doing water changes.    – echoreef, February 28, 2014, via Reef Central


best product on the market        (actual email subject line)

I just wanted to say I ordered the Genesis renew on Friday night and it arrived Tuesday. I love this thing words can not express how much I love this product. This is one of the best products for a reef tank that I have ever purchased or come across on the market. Thanks so much. I wish I had never purchased the tunze osmolator but I did and I’m stuck with it. I wish I had Googled “automatic water changer” sooner then I would have ordered the storm too.. love this thing       – William G.,  Southwick, Massachusetts, February 12, 2014, via email


Genius        (actual email subject line)

wow this thing is awesome wish I would have bought it a long time ago.    – Terry D., Fulton, New York, February 15, 2014, via email



I have been running the system over 2 yrs now, Product,material,service and support all hats off    – bnumair, February 1, 2014, via Reef Central


Great experience

Placed my order on the 15th. Picked it up on Monday (20th)! Super fast. That’s with the weekend yay !. Very excited to set it up once the fish room is done.  – rottloverr, January 20, 2014, via Reef Central


Repeat Customer

I have two full pro systems and love them.  Having them has also convinced many in my area to give it a try once they see the once button water changes.    – Ben S., Houston, Texas, April 15, 2013, via email


Ordering RENEW

Hi there I have a STORM from you and absolutely love it.  I’m planning on order the RENEW Pro and other things below…    – Scott R., Calgary, Alberta, March 18, 2013, via email