Frequently Asked Questions

Does the RENEW™ Automatic Water Change System mix my saltwater? How does it adjust the salinity?

The RENEW™ uses premixed water that you have prepared and adjusted to the salinity of your liking. It does not adjust the salinity of your replacement water.


I have a STORM™ automatic top off system and I am considering adding a ROCv™ automatic replenishment module. I’m concerned about what might happen if the power to my house is lost: will the ROCv™ continue to fill my top off basin beyond the maximum level since the STORM™ can’t disable it when the power is off?

No. When power is lost, the ROCv™ will automatically stop water flow from your water supply to your reverse osmosis filter. Therefore there is no risk of overflowing your top off reservoir.


My top off system tries to replace water removed by my RENEW™ system with fresh water. Why is it doing this?

The top off system you are using “thinks” that the water the RENEW™ has removed has actually evaporated and it’s attempting to top off with fresh water. You must manually disable all top off systems except the Genesis STORM™ prior to doing a water change. The Genesis STORM™ will communicate with your RENEW™ system and is therefore the only top off system that it is unnecessary to disable.


Can I use the RENEW™ Automatic Water Change System on my aquarium without a sump?

Yes. Simply mount the metering reservoirs above the aquarium when doing your water changes.


I don’t have a reverse osmosis filter. Can I still use the ROCv™ replenishment module to fill up a top off tank?

Certainly. The ROCv™ Automatic Replenishment Module simply requires a connection to your water source using Ø.250 OD tubing like that used on reverse osmosis systems. The connections, fittings, and tubing are all available at most hardware and home improvement stores. Please consult a licensed plumbing professional if you are not qualified to make the connection to existing plumbing yourself.


I have turbulent water flow in the area where I need to mount my level sensor. Will it still work?

By using the cover on our Level Sensor Shrouds, you can protect your Level Sensor from turbulent flow, algae growth, and snails or crabs that could also cause problems. The cover will create an area of calm water within the shroud so that it is not affected by turbulence. Added protection can be gained by inserting a 2-1/2” length of standard ½” PVC through the vertical member holes in shrouds that are mounted using the T-shaped side tabs. The description for your level sensor shrouds states that they’re compatible with many float switches.


What switches are compatible? Also, how deep will the hanger for the shroud hanger extend?

It’s difficult to generate a complete list of compatible float switches, but as long as it has a mounting shaft diameter of about 3/8” and the switch portion can fit within the shroud (about 1-3/4” long and 1” in diameter), it should work okay. The mounting depth is essentially infinite, since the shrouds will fit on any piece of standard ½” PVC pipe.


What are the current firmware versions for the RENEW™ and STORM™ Systems?

The current version firmware for the RENEW™ Automatic Water Change System is v1.5. The current version firmware for the STORM™ Specialized Top Off & Replenishment Module is v1.5.


What is your shipping policy?

We strive to provide you with the best service possible and generally ship all orders within 24 hours. Exceptions include holidays, weekends, or items that are on back order. We can't guarantee same-day shipping, but many orders do ship the same day they are placed. Most orders are shipped via USPS or FedEx unless other arrangements are made. You should receive a tracking number via email directly from the carrier, but if you do not please contact us and we'll be able to provide the tracking information to you. At our discretion, we reserve the right to utilize an alternate shipping method as needed to provide you the best service possible. An example of this may be using an alternate service that is available on a weekend so that you receive your order more quickly. If you wish to specify that only a certain carrier is used, please indicate your preference when you place your order.


Do you accept checks or money orders?

In addition to credit card payments processed through our website, we also will accept payment by check or money order. Once we receive your payment and it clears we will ship your order immediately. If you would like to pay by personal check or money order please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


What is your return policy?

We will happily accept unopened, undamaged items for a full refund within 30 days of placing the order. A refund for the purchase price will be issued after the items have been inspected for damage. It is recommended that you insure your return shipment to protect yourself in the event damage occurs during shipping. Items that have been opened but unused and never installed can be accepted within 30 days of placing the order with a 15% reconditioning fee. A refund for the purchase price of the item, minus the reconditioning fee, will be issued after the return is inspected and confirmed as unused. If it is determined upon inspection that the item has been installed, used, or damaged, we reserve the right to refuse the refund request and will contact you to arrange to have the unit shipped back to you. Please understand we cannot and will not resell open items as new product, even if never used, and therefore the reconditioning fee is necessary. No returns of items that have been installed, used, or damaged will be accepted. Gift Certificates are redeemable for merchandise only and may not be redeemed for cash. Please note that all returns must be authorized in advance. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.


Do you sell and ship internationally?

We are happy to sell and ship internationally to many countries! Please keep in mind that our systems are designed for use with 120VAC, 60Hz electrical supply (mains) with North American style plugs. Therefore, depending upon where you live, it may be necessary to use an electrical transformer suitable for use with sensitive electronics. We do not carry transformers, so they must be purchased separately. The pumps and peripheral devices you select to use with our systems must also be 120VAC, 60Hz devices with North American style electrical plugs. Unfortunately, due to the wildly varying output quality from these transformers, their use will void your warranty. We will still be happy to support your system, but please understand that all costs associated with electrical repairs will be at your expense. Additionally, there will be customs fees associated with international orders. Usually, these will consist of a brokerage fee and any taxes that may be collected by your national and/or local agencies. These fees are determined by your country's customs agency and are generally billed by the shipping carrier, often in the form of a COD. These fees are in addition to normal shipping fees, and can in some instances be quite high. Therefore, we encourage you to contact your country's customs agency to get an estimate of the customs fees for the products you intend to order. If you live outside the United States and you do not see your country listed during checkout, please contact us via email on our contact page and we will be happy to assist you.