Specialized Top Off & Replenishment Modules


Maintaining stability and protecting your equipment has never been easier. The Genesis STORM™ Specialized Top Off & Replenishment Module monitors the water level in your sump and automatically adds the amount of water you specify to keep your salinity in check and protect your expensive equipment from running dry.

The STORM™ is no ordinary top off module – it’s a specialized top off and replenishment system that offers the ultimate in convenience, compatibility, and expandability.


pic2Flexible Settings and Hardware

User definable settings, an auxiliary power receptacle, and the ability to communicate with the Genesis RENEW™ Automatic Water Change System make the STORM™ the most flexible top off device available. Plug an extra powerhead or pump into the auxiliary outlet to mix your top-off solution, and turn it on or off using the convenient button on the STORM™ Control Module. Need to heat your top off water? Plug in a heater instead! Or, expand your system with the optional ROCv™ Replenishment Module, and the STORM™ will automatically refill your top off water supply!


Never lift another finger to keep your tank’s water level perfectly maintained

The addition of the ROCv™ Replenishment Module, included with the STORM™ Pro, frees you forever of the tedious task of making sure you have top off water available in your top off bin.  That’s right – the STORM™ Pro will top off your sump and top off your top off bin!  Anytime the water level in your top off bin gets low, the STORM™ Pro will automatically refill it by controlling the production of ultra-pure water through your existing reverse osmosis filtration system.  That means you’ll enjoy 100% hands-free water level maintenance.


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