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If you like having the best of the best, be the envy of everyone at your next aquarium gathering when you tell them about your newest aquarium addition – the RENEW™ Pro. Every RENEW™ system comes complete with the RENEW™ Control Module, two Metering Reservoirs, all necessary cables and mounting hardware, and two high quality flow control valves.  The Pro system takes a giant leap in convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind by adding Level Sensors in your sump, mixing bin, and Metering Reservoirs that enable the Pro to perform faster cycles and completely monitor its own operation, flagging any unusual situation and alerting you to check things out before proceeding. It even tells you where to look! The added functionality makes this system so advanced that it’s even used by retail stores and maintenance professionals, freeing them up to accomplish their other tasks much more quickly and without disrupting the normal operation of their businesses or the aquariums they service. Whether used for home or business, the RENEW™ Pro will instantly be your new best friend!

Just add our non-toxic tubing and two pumps of your choice that are capable of delivering at least 1 gallon per minute to the Metering Reservoirs, and before you know it you’ll be sitting back relaxing while your water quality improves.

What’s Included
(1) RENEW™ Control Module
(2) RENEW™ Pro Metering Reservoirs
(2) Flow Control Valves
(2) Standalone Level Sensors
(4) Level Sensor Shrouds
(4) Suction Cups
(2) Level Sensor Mount Vertical Members
(1) RENEW™ / STORM™ Communication Cable
All necessary Mounting Hardware

Mounting Considerations

  • Each Reservoir measures approximately (10″ tall) x (8″ wide) x (8″ deep) front-to-back, and must be mounted higher than the aquarium/sump (waste reservoir) and the highest level of the replacement water (replacement reservoir).  Each will weigh approximately 10 pounds when full, so they need to be securely mounted to a strong vertical wall.
  • The Reservoirs rarely need to be accessed once installed, so they can be tucked up into an out of the way location
  • The Control Module measures approximately (4″ tall) x (6″ wide) x (3″ deep) front-to-back, and should be located in a dry location with adequate accessibility.   The Control Module should never be mounted above an open body of water.

Necessary Plumbing and Equipment

  • Each Metering Reservoir has three barbed plumbing ports:  The inlet and outlet ports accept 1/2″ ID tubing and the loopback port accepts 5/8″ ID tubing.  Tubing is sold separately.
  • Two pumps are needed to move the water to the Metering Reservoirs.  They should be capable of delivering at least 1 gallon per minute to the Reservoirs’ mounting heights.  They will need to connect to 1/2″ ID tubing either directly or through adapters.  Pumps are sold separately.

For your convenience we’ve also created money-saving bundles to provide you with everything you’ll need, including pumps, to get started right out of the box!

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 14 in