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Start discovering the benefits of automatic water changes with our RENEW™ Basic + Pumps bundle. The RENEW™ Basic includes the RENEW™ Control Module , two Metering Reservoirs, two high quality Flow Control Valves, and a RENEW™ / STORM™ Communication Cable. The two EHEIM® 1000 Compact pumps included in this product bundle will deliver approximately 1 gpm to the Metering Reservoirs mounted at a height of 5 feet. Simply add our premium FDA-grade tubing (sold separately) or the tubing of your choice and your RENEW™ system will be up and running in no time. We recommend approximately 20 feet of 1/2” tubing and 10 feet of 5/8” tubing for most installations.

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What’s Included
(1) RENEW™ Control Module
(2) RENEW™ Standard Reservoirs
(2) Flow Control Valves
(1) RENEW™ / STORM™ Communication Cable
(2) EHEIM® 1000 Compact Pumps
All necessary Mounting Hardware

Mounting Considerations

  • Each Reservoir measures approximately (10″ tall) x (8″ wide) x (8″ deep) front-to-back, and must be mounted higher than the aquarium/sump (waste reservoir) and the highest level of the replacement water (replacement reservoir).  Each will weigh approximately 10 pounds when full, so they need to be securely mounted to a strong vertical wall.
  • The Reservoirs rarely need to be accessed once installed, so they can be tucked up into an out of the way location
  • The Control Module measures approximately (4″ tall) x (6″ wide) x (3″ deep) front-to-back, and should be located in a dry location with adequate accessibility.  The Control Module should never be mounted above an open body of water.

Necessary Plumbing and Equipment

  • Each Metering Reservoir has three barbed plumbing ports:  The inlet and outlet ports accept 1/2″ ID tubing and the loopback port accepts 5/8″ ID tubing.  Tubing is sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 14 x 14 in