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We all know how important it is that we don’t shock our new friends by quickly changing their water parameters.  Thanks to our new Precision Acclimator it’s never been easier to help your inhabitants gently settle into their new homes.  

The Precision Acclimator hangs over the lip of your aquarium or sump and allows you to precisely control the flow of water into an acclimation container using the fine-tune adjustment valve.  Unlike those cheap and unreliable acclimators you may find elsewhere, our Precision Acclimator administers the perfect drip acclimation every time.  The Precision Acclimator is made of medical grade components: the tubing will never kink or harden and the valve always retains the setting you choose and will not fall apart like those “cheapies.”

The Precision Acclimator includes a holding bracket, six feet of medical grade tubing, and one easy to use fine-tune flow control valve capable of defining flow rates from zero to full flow.  The holding bracket can be used on virtually any aquarium or sump – even those with bracing up to 3.75″ wide – and includes gripping ridges to help it stay right where you put it.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2.5 in

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