Level Sensor Shroud


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Use this unique Level Sensor Shroud to ensure proper sensor operation by protecting sensors from critters and strong water currents. Say “never again!” to overfilling caused by a wayward snail that has decided to take a snooze on your level sensor. Plus, you’ll never experience another system halt due to strong water currents that trick your sensor into thinking there’s a problem with your water level. The unique two-piece design of this shroud allows it to be used in numerous configurations: snap the cover onto the front of the shroud to enclose a level sensor, or snap it into the rear of the shroud and use it as an adjustable mount to hang multiple shrouds and sensors over the lip of an aquarium, sump, or bin. Attach one shroud to another to mount two or more sensors close to one another. Assemble the sensors onto the shroud right side up, inside, outside, or upside down. One of the most unique aspects of this shroud is that it will slide over and hold itself securely onto any piece of standard 1/2″ PVC pipe, making the mounting height of the sensor infinitely variable along the entire length of tubing. Use two Shrouds and a length of standard 1/2″ PVC pipe to construct a hanging mount. Each shroud also can accept two suction cups to help stabilize its position in high current areas.

The Level Sensor Shroud is constructed of extremely durable, high impact, black opaque plastic to curb algae growth on your sensor, and is completely non-toxic. While it is designed to work specifically with our Level Sensor, it is compatible with many styles of vertical level sensors or float switches.

The inside dimensions of the shroud are 1.88” x 1.88” and when installed on PVC pipe can accept a sensor 1.0” in diameter with a maximum shank size of .375”.

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